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Dr. Brenda J. Wagenknecht-Ivey.

Founder, President, and CEO

Dr. Wagenknecht-Ivey has been helping executives, leaders, and teams identify and solve problems, seize opportunities, and improve performance for over 20 years.  She has facilitated more than 130 strategic planning and change and improvement processes for public, private, and not-for-profit organizations across the United States and internationally.  She is known nationally for her work in long-range strategic planning, strategy execution, developing high performance teams, and helping organizations and teams successfully implement change and improvements.  Managing and retaining talent, planning for leadership succession, developing young leaders, and coaching executives and managers also are among her specialties.  Wagenknecht-Ivey has keen diagnostic and facilitation skills.  She is a talented strategic thinker and planner, collaborator, consensus builder, and researcher.

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Phone: 303.888.7939


PRAXIS Consulting, Inc

Colorado (USA) Corporation – Formed in 1995

PRAXIS Consulting, Inc. is a small, woman-owned and Denver-based firm specializing in organizational psychology and behavior, organizational development, and performance improvement. The mission of PRAXIS is to help organizations and teams enhance the quality of the workplace and overall performance.  This includes helping organizations achieve their visions and goals, seize new opportunities, and create and implement practical responses to widespread change and ongoing challenges.  PRAXIS helps organizations deal effectively with the realities of today while anticipating and preparing for the possibilities of tomorrow.


Phone: 303.888.7939

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PRAXIS’ Partners

As a small business, PRAXIS collaborates with others to meet the needs of clients and organizations.  Turning Point Healthcare Advisors, Inc., Center for Public Policy Studies (CPPS), CEO Partnership, the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence, Elizabeth Weinstein and Associates, Inc.,  and HWK Consulting, LLC. are among PRAXIS’ partners. Each complements and contributes significantly to PRAXIS’ services; each brings unique talents, expertise, and perspectives.  I am honored to know and have the opportunity to work with this great group of colleagues and experts.


Phone: 303.888.7939

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