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Brenda has facilitated numerous strategic planning retreats for Executive Board members and staff of the Michigan Pharmacists Association over the past decade. In doing so, Brenda educated herself about our organization and industry, thus, enabling her to “talk our language,” understand our issues, and assist us in creating meaningful strategic plans. She actively engaged participants through her unique and effective facilitation techniques, making the process interesting, practical, and fun. She also exhibited a keen ability to “read” participants, and adjusted the agenda and approach accordingly, maximizing the contributions of each individual and enhancing the value and outcomes of the retreats. Thanks, Brenda, for helping our Board and staff develop, revise, and implement our strategic plans.

Dianne E. Miller, Associate Executive Director
Michigan Pharmacists Association
Lansing, Michigan

Dr. Brenda Wagenknecht-Ivey of PRAXIS Consulting, Inc. has assisted the 20th Circuit and Ottawa County Probate Courts over the past decade with the development and implementation of a joint, long range strategic plan. Her expert knowledge of the strategic planning process and group dynamics has allowed her to deftly guide a diverse group of judges and court employees through the development of a comprehensive strategic plan, significantly benefiting the courts, our customers, and our partners. Over the years of working with Dr. Brenda, she has helped the courts improve public access, improve the use of available technology, provide innovative training for court staff, obtain grant funding for special projects, and improve collaboration with the bar and related agencies.

Dr. Brenda has consistently demonstrated her ability to (1) understand our organization, (2) help us troubleshoot issues and overcome challenges, and (3) demonstrate how the strategic planning process can be an effective change management tool – reflecting her passion, flexibility and expertise. PRAXIS Consulting, Inc., through the efforts of Dr. Wagenknecht-Ivey, has made the process a positive, learning experience.

Kevin J. Bowling, J.D., Court Administrator
20th Judicial Circuit Court
Grand Haven, Michigan

Thanks for the fantastic job you did for us. The feedback I’ve received from the Executive Management Team and our managers about the retreat has been overwhelmingly positive, especially about you and your facilitation skills. Thanks again for your part in a successful retreat.

Michael Planet
Executive Officer

February 2018
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