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PRAXIS helps organizations take the right actions to solve difficult issues and improve organizational and team performance. Using a variety of proven models and organizational development practices, we help organizations and teams assess, plan, change, and improve.

For over 20 years, PRAXIS' customized services and innovative approaches have helped organizations and teams improve employee satisfaction and achieve better results. We can help you, too. Don't wait any longer. Call us now for a consultation. We are eager to talk with you. 303.888.7939

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Strategic Planning

Is your strategic plan alive? Up to date? Is it helping you drive performance, engage employees, and bring about change? PRAXIS uses a proven, inclusive and engaging approach that helps organizations…..

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Executive Coaching

It can be difficult at the top! Executives and managers can benefit from working with a seasoned professional to tackle challenging issues and increase effectiveness. PRAXIS’ coaching services include……

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Leadership Development

Many organizations are over managed and under led. PRAXIS has been training, developing, and coaching leaders for over 20 years. From directing Leadership Academies to conducting webinars, PRAXIS……

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Talent Management

Are you developing your rising stars? Do you have a pipeline of talent ready to step in when key people leave? Succession planning and talent management are critically important to long term success. PRAXIS can……

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Sixty to eighty percent of organizational change efforts fail or fall short of expectations, according to experts.  How ready is your organization?  Check out PRAXIS’ Change Readiness Assessment – COMING SOON…..   Learn more…

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  • Timely, high quality services
  • Proven track-record
  • Innovative services
  • Achieve results
  • Collaborative
  • Fun to work with

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  • Welcome Friends and Colleagues….
    …….to our new and improved website.  We are excited to showcase our expertise and services and demonstrate how we work with organizations and teams to elevate performance. New products and resources, a description of...
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